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About Us

THAR BIOTEK PRIVATE LIMITED (THBP), a sister concern of GLOBAL BIOTECH, Jodhpur (INDIA) is a multidisciplinary research organization engaged in Genetic Resources and its Conservation, Breeding, Tissue Culture, Phytochemistry, Plant Protection, Process & Product Development and Technology Transfer.

THBP is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with GMP accredition, which conforms to quality products under the brand developed from the herbs grown/ raw material generated by GLOBAL BIOTECH in the rich lands of Aravali and the North Eastern India. THBP uses the tools of modern science to create pharmaceutical-grade natural products. A well-researched effort and in-depth study is behind the conversion of Ayurveda's traditional herbal knowledge into a complete range of formulations of THBP for healthy living and longevity. Today, THBP products have been accepted far and wide and are serving the health and personal care need of consumers all over.

brand identity promises health, well-being and is a prescription for good living.


THAR BIOTEK PRIVATE LIMITED team has a singular purpose – to identify and satisfy the potential investor in the use of innovative, reliable and competitive technologies co- developed or marketed by the company.

To this purpose, THBP harnesses its human resources to:
  • Promote the development of marketable technologies in close association with industry and institutions.
  • Evaluate the technology, its commercial potential and their business forecasts and investment appraisals.
  • Design and engineer manufacturing plants of commercial scale.
  • Test- market products.
  • Assist in obtaining certifications for products and their quality, where these are prerequisites for the project.
We Offer Following Technical Services
  • Survey of land for cultivation and preparation of feasibility report
  • Supply of planting materials;
  • Consultancy/technical services for cultivation with 100% Buy-Back;
  • Commercial Timber/Medicinal Tree Farming;
  • Transfer of Agro-technology and process know-how development;
  • Assistance to growers and processors in value addition;
  • Screening of plant extract and compounds for therapeutic and agro-chemical activities;
  • Training of cultivators, entrepreneurs and researchers;
  • Assistance in Bank/Institutional Finance;
  • Supply of up-to-date information on subjects pertinent to medicinal Herbs;
Our Major Areas of Research
  • To pursue R&D work related to cultivation, production, chemical processing, genetic improvement and molecular characterization of economically important medicinal plants
  • To produce quality planning materials of the improved cultivars of medicinal and aromatic plants
Our Support to Farmers

THBIL is your window to
  • Information on the latest technologies.
  • An objective assessment of the commercial potential of inventions.
  • Identification of potential manufacturers.
  • Negotiation of licensing agreements.
  • Consultancy to entrepreneurs, firms, NGOs.
  • Genetic improvement, cultivation, production and chemical processing of economically important medicinal, nutraceutical, essential oil, dye, gum and agro-chemical yielding plants.
  • Characterization of biodiversity and conservation of genetic resources of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) and other plants of interest.
  • Defining genes pertaining to improved varieties.
  • Development and commercialization of phytocellular technologies for plant compounds of pharmaceutical value.
  • Production of seeds and other propagating materials of selected genotypes of domesticated MAPs.
  • Formulation of the products of common use for rural development.
  • Technologies for utilization of agro-wastes of industrial plants. Building up of MAP related databases.
  • Development of human resources for R&D in the basic and applied areas of MAP Science.

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