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PROJECT SITE : Global Farms, Village-Mangar, Gurgaon- Faridabad Road, Faridabad 121004, Haryana (India)

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Detox Plus Capsule
Aloe Vera Tablets
Aloe Soft Gel
Stevia Soft Gel
Detox Plus aloe Juice
Aloe-Passion Energetic Drink
Aloe-Lime Energetic Drink
Aloe-Pine Apple Energetic Drink
Stevia Capsules
Stevia White Powder
Stevia Green Leaf Liquid Extract
No Stress
Aloe-Papaya Skin Gel
Aloe-Saffron Skin Gel
Aloe-Mint Skin Gel
Aloe-Hibiscus Skin Gel
Aloe-Natural Skin Gel
Aloe Glycerin Soap
Aloe Milk Soap
Raw Material
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Now you can pay for our product through CITI BANK or HDFC BANK from anywhere in India by depositing cheques/Cash in our current account through your local:

CITI BANK (A/c No : 0003874249), HDFC BANK (A/c No. 2802560001573)

All Cheques/DD/Cash have to be deposited in favour of : : M/s THAR BIOTEK Pvt. Ltd. Payable at Gurgaon


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