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1. What makes "DETOX PLUS" different from other Aloe vera juices and why should I buy it?

Ans. "DETOX PLUS" is a 100% natural Aloe vera Juice processed from organically grown Aloe plants under our strictsupervision. DETOX PLUS is processed from the leaf fillets of the most medicinally potent Aloe species, Aloe barbadensis Miller. Most other Aloe products contain the inner gel diluted with water.

"DETOX PLUS" offers products with a much higher percentage of Biologically Active Nutritional Components from well-grown and mature leaves. No artificial coloring or flavoring is added to the to the gel.

2. Does "DETOX PLUS" use chemicals to remove the aloin and Aloe emodin?

Ans. We remove the anthraquinones by repeatedly passing the pulverized Aloe through a series of filters to remove the aloin and aloe emodin. Absolutely no chemicals are used.

3. How is "DETOX PLUS" processed? What does "Cold Processed" mean?

Ans. Processed Aloe must be stabilized by eliminating existing microbes and preventing further microbial growth. Earlier, this was accomplished by prolonged heating. " Cold Process" became the choice as it protects natural properties. Some manufacturers carry Cold Processing and use harsh chemicals as preservatives. Many companies still use heat at some point during the processing. For products, we use a special method where we use high temperature for a very short time. The Aloe is heated to a precise, carefully controlled temperature and then fast cooled. The result is stable Aloe with 100% natural component intact.


4. Do Aloe products contain preservatives?

Ans. Once Aloe has been properly stabilized it must be preserved otherwise it can get contaminated or become a perfect medium for microbes to grow. If a manufacturer of an Aloe product claims there are no preservatives, either it contains little or no Aloe, or it would only remain stable for some hours.

Aloe products contain a minute amount of necessary, safe and effective preservative so you can have confidence in a product that is rich in Biologically Active Nutritional Components and stable for a considerably long time.

5. How would you describe Quality Control?

Ans. Aloe vera Juice contains only the finest ingredients and is manufactured using the most stringent standards. In every area meet and/ or exceed the standards set forth by the Good Manufacturing Practices. Every parameter of Aloe is checked, and microbial assay carried out. Only Aloe that passes in every category is passed for the next phase of manufacturing process so that you can be extremely confident of the safety, quality and purity of every product you purchase.

6. What do nutritional supplements do and why do we need them?

Ans. Nutritional Supplements refer to vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and glyco-nutrients necessary to keep a strong immune system, replace and repair dying and damaged cells and remove toxins from the body. Due to the incessant and at times improper use our farmlands have been depleted of minerals. The cereals, fruits and vegetables grown therein are therefore deficient in a number of supplements. Further, the processing and preserving of our food supplies also destroy the vitamins etc. Besides, we use processed sugars and artificial sweeteners instead of naturally occurring glyco-nutrients. All this results in deficiency of nutritional supplements in our body which can be supplemented by Aloe juice, a storehouse of minerals and vitamins.

7. What are the active ingredients in Aloe juice?

Ans. When people speak of "active ingredients" in Aloe juice, they are usually referring to a group of long chain sugars formerly called Mucopolysaccharides and more recently referred to as Polysaccharides. While Polysaccharides undoubtedly have many amazing properties - they've been shown to be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, immuno-stimulants, and more - they are just one of the more than 200 Biologically Active Nutritional Components in Aloe. Polysaccharide play the "Conductor" that modulates the activities of the "Orchestra", the Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Growth Factors and other Nutritional Components.

8. What are the benefits of consuming Aloe vera Juice?

Ans. The remarkable properties of Aloe vera have been noted down since ages. It has been used externally for cuts, burns, sores and rashes. When taken internally, many people have reported a variety of benefits including alleviation of some of the symptoms of arthritis, reducing chronic fatigue, stimulation of the immune system, treating gastrointestinal disturbances, diabetes, nervine problems and more. Aloe has direct anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. There is some evidence that Aloe may stimulate T-Cell production in immuno-compromised people. Aloe indirectly stimulates the immune system by increasing cell wall permeability, allowing nutrients easier access to the cell, while facilitating the removal of toxins. Many of the micro-nutrients necessary for proper cell-metabolism- Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, etc. are provided by Aloe. In all, there are so many potential health benefits currently being investigated it would be impossible to list them all here.

9. What is MPS?

Ans. MPS stands for Methanol Precipitable Solids. It is a quantitative measurement of the Polysaccharides, Glycoproteins and Salts of Organic Acids that precipitate out in the presence of methanol. Although it is believed that Polysaccharides comprise the majority of these solids, the MPS test is not a one-to-one count of Mucopoly-saccharides, as it was once believed to be. The MPS measurement represents only about 20-25% of total solids; the rest is comprised of other Biologically Active components including Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, etc.

10. What is Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate?

Ans. These are stabilizers (preservatives) that are used in many natural treatments and food preparation to prevent bacteria from forming. Bacteria forms naturally when the plant is cut and exposed to oxygen. This process does not alter the healing properties naturally contained in Aloe vera.

11. Some brands say they use Whole leaf and are therefore "better"?

Ans. The outer leaf (rind) of Aloe vera contains latex that contains "Aloin" which acts as a potent lexative, whereas the inner leaf (the gel) contains all the beneficial nutrients. So called "Whole leaf" Aloe vera is not superior to the stabilized inner leaf gel used by "DETOX PLUS".

12. I've tried supplements before and they didn't work for me, why?

Ans. The two biggest mistakes most people make when beginning a food supplement program is that they don't take enough to really make a difference and they don't stick with it long enough for their body to make the repairs necessary to get a remission.

13. What is the recommended daily serving of "DETOX PLUS"?

Ans. Most people take 30 ml "DETOX PLUS" on a regular basis. It can be consumed "straight" or can be mixed with water or any of your favorite beverages. "DETOX PLUS" is best to start out with smaller amounts, which can then be increased. People who experience the most dramatic and lasting results are those that consume "DETOX PLUS" on a consistent daily basis over long-term.

14. This is liquid; I thought Aloe vera was a gel?

Ans. Aloe vera is in gel form within the leaves when these are sliced from the plant. This gel is made up of thousands of cells, which have a soluble base. After the gel has been cold pressed out of its skin thousands of cells are mulched down. These cells break and ooze out in a liquid form.

Some businesses then add a gelling agent to the natural formula to put it back into the solid form. We bring Aloe vera juice to you in its natural state- no gelling agent, no fragrance, no coloring.

15. How do I keep my Aloe vera?
Ans. Keep Aloe vera out of direct sunlight. Once the seal is broken, it should be kept refrigerated.



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