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Processed Extracts


THAR BIOTEK PRIVATE LIMITED supplies raw materials of Aloe vera and other medicinal plants in several forms. Aloe gel (1:1) is initially processed then concentrated and spray dried into powders.

You can have a choice of either Aloe vera gel products or Whole leaf products. THAR BIOTEK PRIVATE LIMITED can provide you with the following Aloe raw materials.

  1. Aloe vera gel 1:1 (specifications)
  2. Aloe vera liquid concentrate 5:1 (specifications)
  3. Aloe vera liquid concentrate 10:1 (specifications)
  4. Aloe vera liquid concentrate 40:1 (specifications)
  5. Aloe vera spray dried (100x) powder.
  6. Aloe vera spray dried (200x) powder.
  7. Aloe vera whole leaf dried powder
  8. Coleus forskohlii extract
  9. Pterocarpus marsupium extract
  10. Curcuma longa (Turmeric) extract
  11. Stevia rebaudiana Whole Leaf Powder
  12. Stevia White Sweetner

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